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Talking Sensuousplayroom parties

Hi everyone my name is Karen and I have been doing home parties for over 30 years. I started back in 1980. I went to a party and was scared at first but when the young lady was talking, I kept seeing myself up there doing a better job then her. I felt she was boring and the crowd was not biting. So i asked her how to go about it and she did respond. I brought my first kit and had my first party and it has been a success since then. I do have my ups and downs like everyone else but I get back on that horse. I now have a store that has been open since 12/2015 and so far we are hanging in with one of the big stores here in GA. There customers seems to be coming my way due to the low prices and also the environment in my store. It looks more intimate then a store front look. I adjust myself to what my customers needs and wants. I educate my customers when they are looking for a product to make sure that that is what they really need. I still do home parties and i did have to learn to share with others. What I mean is I brought on some consultants and it was hard sharing my space since it had been me for so long doing these parties. I did have to realize I cant do it all, and I would love to add more to our family. I try to look for those that have a passion and drive. You get some that has that passion for the moment and they expect you to do all the work for them. So if anyone comes looking to be consultant I do a little test first and then if they work out they stay if not they have to leave i am building. I do not need someone to tear down what I have built for so long.

To add this is my passion and I graduated from Law School in 2013 but this takes precedence over all except family of course lol.
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