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Hi Dan O

Here is the response from our email team:

It appears that the weekly newsletter tends to go out on late Saturday night / Early Sunday morning ... is there a reason that this day was chosen?
It seems that this is the time that the "fun" is over and the impulse buy is missed ... but I'm very interested to hear any statistics about this time / day.
I thought I read a couple years ago that Wednesday - Friday were the most converting days

> Email send-out time is optimized by time and day of the week according to each subscriber. Our email service calculates the send-out time based on the subscriber's behavior.

I also noticed there is not a call to action in the title / header of the email many times, and it would be nice if the from portion of the header used the url it was associated with instead of the generic "Adult Product Store" (for me Discrete Sensations) ... I have taken the time to brand that and think it would help conversions.

> This is something that we would prefer to do over "Adult Product Store" but our technology doesn't allow customization of the send name for each affiliate at this time.

Two other things that I have used when I had my own cart ... and it paid back ... were to 1st and for most send an email to customers that abandon their shopping cart (usually 2 days after), just a simple reminder that the items are still in the cart. Also an email campaign that uses what the person was already looking at in the store as part of the weekly email (like Amazon does) ... I never got around to implementing the newsletter that uses items they recently looked at but have fell for it with companies that do use it.

> We send out abandoned cart emails within 2 hours of cart abandonment with a link back to their cart and have a second abandoned cart email in the works.

> We are working on ways to personalize the contents of each email according to what the subscriber has clicked on. Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate your input.
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