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> Email send-out time is optimized by time and day of the week according to each subscriber. Our email service calculates the send-out time based on the subscriber's behavior.
I don't understand this statement ... because it seems the statement is saying that if the person signed up on Friday, that is the day they will get their email ... Yet according to GA there is a HUGE surge on Saturday night ... so the only way this could be is because the list I gave was "imported" on that day ... OR ... I don't understand the statement. ... and if it is functioning based on the day they signed up ... is it actually sending by deducting a day or two from their sign up so that it reminds them before thee day they would purchase. Further has this type of weekly email been shown to work better then the "generic" send it on Thursday that most of the "big chains" seem to do?

> This is something that we would prefer to do over "Adult Product Store" but our technology doesn't allow customization of the send name for each affiliate at this time.
Is this on the 2 do list?

> We send out abandoned cart emails within 2 hours of cart abandonment with a link back to their cart and have a second abandoned cart email in the works.
When I was playing with this It seemed the 2 hours was too soon ... and that 18 - 48 hours seemed better ... hell I've watch people leave their browser window open to the site for 2 hours.

> We are working on ways to personalize the contents of each email according to what the subscriber has clicked on. Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate your input.
That would be great.
Dan O
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