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Exclamation Affiliate Tutorial - Part 1 - Where to Begin

Affiliate Tutorial – Part 1 – Where to Begin
-by Domina Doll

Welcome to the Affiliate Tutorials.

Before you get started promoting your site, here is a quick introduction guide to help you be more productive and make more money.

Your Only Job is to Market & Promote has taken all the hassles and headaches out of starting your own online sex toy store. We provide the products, vendors, handle the merchant accounts, payment processing, order and product support, and give you a free website to host your store.

Your only job is to market and promote your site.

80-90% of Affiliates who sign up to Affiliate Programs (not just ours) never do anything. They sign up and then just let their store sit there hoping people will find them and buy something. Then they are disappointed when they don’t see any sales.

By doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING! to promote your store you are going to do better than 80-90% of your competitors.

Time IS Money, and the more time you put into your store, the more money you will get out of it. It’s that simple.

So, for the 90% of you who don’t want to succeed—Stop reading now. For the rest of you who want to actually realize a profit keeping reading.

Here are the Facts

  • 90% of Affiliates do nothing and fail
  • Those who take action are most likely to succeed
  • The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it
  • Top affiliates make 6-7 figures a year, but they put a lot of work and time into their business
  • Affiliates have UNLIMITED earning potential

Mind Set of Successful Affiliates

  • Successful Affiliates treat affiliate programs like a business
  • Successful Affiliates take action
  • Successful Affiliates are persistent
  • Successful Affiliates try different strategies until they find what works best
  • Successful Affiliates keep tracking and testing results
  • Successful Affiliates work from their strengths and do what they do best

How to Take Action

  • Customize and Brand your store to make it unique
  • Read everything you can about the Adult Sex Toy business
  • Research marketing strategies
  • Find where potential traffic and customers go and hang-out
  • Promote and market your stores using various methods
  • Create unique and compelling content on your sites / stores to get potential customers to visit and keep coming back
  • Research and implement SEO strategies to promote your sites in search engines
  • Learn how to run successful paid advertising
  • Learn how to promote your sites organically using their own time and energy
  • DON'T expect someone to do it for you (unless you want to hire them). Managing your business yourself, is something every good entrepreneur needs to learn themselves first.
So those are the things you will want to learn about and get good at to promote your store and become a successful affiliate.

Remember, 90% of affiliates fail. Are you in the 10%?

Good Luck!
Domina Doll
Web Design & Marketing SuperHero BadAss

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