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Old 10-20-2010, 12:47 PM
Autumn O'Bryan Autumn O'Bryan is offline
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Default Facebook Fan Pages for Business

Facebook Fan Page / Like Page : How to create one yourself

Having a fan page is like having a FREE website that brings you GOOGLE JUICE for your business and makes it easy for you to be FOUND on Facebook.

I have helped more then 20 businesses set up their own fan page on Facebook and decided it was time to write out the steps here and SHARE more widely. I have my own fan page if you would like to check it out, but know that I do sell adult products before you join

If you are not aware, Facebook has a separate place where they want you to do business. You are not supposed to be promoting your business on your PERSONAL page on Facebook. It's actually outside of the T's & C's of Facebook and can get you banned. So, they have created something called a FAN PAGE - though they recently changed the name to a "Like" page. You have no doubt noticed the little Facebook box and the LIKE thumbs up picture all over the interenet since the change.

So, now you are read to join the fray and get your business "legal" on Facebook. Here are the steps laid out for you:

Having a fan page is like having a FREE website that brings you GOOGLE JUICE for your business and makes it easy for you to be FOUND on Facebook.

And, Adding the NOTES section to your fan page
is also like having a FREE blog and makes it easier to be found on GOOGLE and FACEBOOK.

It's all about being FOUND online and all about GOOGLE juice and ORGANIC rankings. A Facebook
Fan Page will do that for you:

1. Login to Facebook as you.
2. Go to the address bar at the top of the page and type this exactly:
3. Click on the CREATE PAGES option
4. Then choose the CREATE A PAGE button that says LOCAL BUSINESS
5. Then enter your business name (remember exactly how you entered your business name, no typos)
6. Click on CREATE OFFICIAL Page
7. Now you officially have a "fan" page. And be sure to LIKE your own page here now if you can. If you cannot, go to you own profile page.
8. Go back to your own page on Facebook (click on PROFILE button) and you should see your new "fan" page in your Facebook stream. Click on that or LIKE it, but if you cannot, go on to step 9 and SEARCH for your fan page.
9. Go to facebook search bar and type in your fan page exactly as you typed it in earlier)
10. Should bring up your new fan page with NO fans in your search box
11. Click on fan page and go to it.
12. Start by adding a PHOTO of you or your logo to the PHOTOS section. Create an album and add your logo or your own pic.
13. Once photo is uploaded, click on photo you want to go on your PROFILE page and then the button that says MAKE PROFILE PIC
14. Go to INFO box and edit INFO with your url, tele, email address, etc
15. Click on button near the WALL/INFO/PHOTOS section and click on the PLUS sign
16. This will allow you to add the NOTES box to your Fan Page
17. You can use the NOTES section like a FREE blog

18. Use the NOTES section to list your services, blog, talk about what is going on in your business or your industry. Use it just like a blog.

19. Now that you have a "like" or "fan" page, it's time to invite your friends and customers to your page. Having a fan page is much better then a static website because it allows you to have a conversation with your clients and engage with them.

20. Invite them to LIKE You and now they will see your info you post on the Wall of your fan page. And, if you write really interesting and compelling content on your WALL or NOTES, they will hopefully SHARE your info with their friends and fans.

Most Facebook experts suggest you post 3 times a day to your fan page. I post once in morning, once in the afternoon and once at night. (Sometimes more, but always the minimum.)

Tons of awesome SHARE baked right into Facebook. Write interesting content and other people will SHARE it.

Always TAG people when you share their stuff. NO plagiarizing.

Once you have 25 Fans, apply for a Vanity URL using : and create a
vanity url. For example, mine is

POST 3 Times a Day (different times of day) and be sure you are a PERSON FIRST and a BUSINESS
Second. Be human. Be real. Post useful stuff. YOu want to be considered an expert and a person
who provides USEFUL information. You want to make it a place people want to stop and check
you out and see what you posted today.

Once you get going, you will get a weekly email from Facebook that tells you gives you your
business ANALYTICS for your fan page called WEEKLY UPDATE / ANALYTICS.

From your FAN PAGE, ADD or FOLLOW the other FAN PAGES you love. (This is a strategy and you should
follow other people in your industry, people you love and that love you.)

ASK your friends to become fans and to write a REVIEW for you on your Facebook Fan Page. GOOGLE JUICE

And, know this. This is for your BASIC fan page. There are ways to add FBML (Facebook Mark Up Language) to your fan page and add in HTML from other tools like your Constant Contact newsletter and other widgets. This article is designed to be your BASIC HOW TO set up your own Facebook Fan Page.

Blissfully, Chrystal Bougon

Chrystal L. Bougon Chief Toy Officer & Founder

Learn more about the author, Chrystal Bougon.
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Old 10-20-2010, 09:32 PM
PleasurePlayToys PleasurePlayToys is offline
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Interesting, yes my fan pages have worked well for a little extra traffic & promotion. (almost 10k fans) and (almost 1k fans)

but be careful facebook has flagged the pictures of vibrators/toys etc that i have posted, so link directly to your page/don't upload pics to stay under their radar.
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Old 02-21-2011, 01:22 AM
PleasurePlayToys PleasurePlayToys is offline
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Unhappy **Update***

BTW Facebook deleted my facebook fan page with 10,000+ members without warning for "inappropriate content"...

very frustrating,and I followed their rules, no-nudity/realistic looking vibes or anything...

and I lost facebook / AdultToys without warning,vanity URL gone.

Still have for Lingerie with 1k + fans but have been reluctant to update/promote it.
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Old 03-11-2014, 11:31 AM
clouddancerss clouddancerss is offline
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Default Question About Facebook Fan Page

I want to do this for my new site, but I have a question. Is this totally separate from my personal page??? I do NOT want my regular Facebook friends to see it, because they are also my co-workers. Would they be able to see it without an invitation??? Thanks!!!
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Old 03-13-2014, 06:16 PM
M26 M26 is offline
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I created a fan Facebook page for my website and I am the only one who click on like the page. How do I get more people to like it when I can't even promote the page on Facebook. Facebook keep deny my promotion because it don't follow their guidelines..
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