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Old 08-29-2012, 08:54 AM
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Default New Product Videos Available from CalExotics

Dear friends,

There are 197 new product videos available from your friends at California Exotic Novelties. They’re ready to stream, download, and order on DVD. With the additions of the new videos there are just over 1,200 videos in our library.

We create these videos as powerful sales tool to help you increase sales. Use them to educate the consumer, draw traffic to your website, or play on a store monitor in your brick and mortar. Upload them to a tube site and integrate them into your blog to augment your marketing and social media efforts.

All the videos can be found on CalExotics.TV. The tube site allows you to either stream or download the videos. The videos are also available on DVDs. There are two versions: one has MPEG video files which are good for webmasters (SE-0000-72-20), or anyone who needs individual videos. The other is looped so it is ideal for in-store play (SE-0000-72-21).

Additionally, videos are displayed on each product’s page on the CalExotics website.

Would you like an Excel spread sheet list of all the videos? The downloadable Product Videos list is available on the Product Information Page on our website. It includes embed codes and hyperlinks to the individual videos.

How about step-by-step instructions? The CalExotics TV One Sheet is also available on the Product Information Page. Plus both of these materials are attached to this email, just download them from the Downloads tab at the top of the email.

Here is a list of all the videos on disc. Ask your account executive for details!

SE-0000-71-1 Product Demos (113)
SE-0000-71-2 Product Demos (298)
SE-0000-71-4 Product Demos #3 (101)
SE-0000-71-5 Product Demos #3 DVD Loop (101)
SE-0000-71-6 Product Demos DVD Loop (113)
SE-0000-71-7 Product Demos DVD Loop (298)
SE-0000-71-8 Product Demo (206) MPEG 4
SE-0000-71-9 Product Demo (206) LOOP PLAY
SE-0000-72-10 Product Demo (185) MPEG
SE-0000-72-11 Product Demo (185) Loop
SE-0000-72-20 Product Demo (197) MPEG NEW!
SE-0000-72-21 Product Demo (197) Loop NEW!

We hope you enjoy CalExotics TV and our product videos! Feel free to contact us with comments, questions or suggestions.

Your Friends at California Exotics
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