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Old 08-11-2012, 08:54 AM
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Exclamation How to Build a Custom Page Video

Hello All,

I get a lot of questions from newbies on how to create custom page. So Dave and I decided to make a quick video showing you how.

For demo purposes this is the site I built the custom front page on-

Here are the screenshots of the WYSIWYYG Editor with "cheat notes"-

Fifty Shades of grey category (search page)-

Fifty Shades of Grey Books cat-[0]=1583311557&cid=175&ser_key=fifty+shades+of+grey&s howdvds=0

Find the Fifty Shades of Grey Banners here-


1. If you write your text or build your HTML in another program such as MSWord or Adobe Dreamweaver, make sure to copy the text/html into a text (.txt/ Notepad) file first, before pasting it into the WYSIWYYG Editor. Other programs have weird coding that creates bugs and problems with a WYSIWYYG Editor.

2. Always create a Custom Page in Custom Content >> Custom Pages first to make sure you get the page looking the way you want before transferring your HTML into the Custom Homepage.

3. Note, while you may want to make your own custom Homepage (front page) remember that our default page is optimized for conversions and we have programmers split-testing and optimizing this page all the time. So, while your front page may look pretty, a new front page design will likely result in fewer sales.

4. Save your work as you go all the time.

5. Refer to to reference HTML & CSS design codes and techniques.

6. Upload all the images you want to use for your Custom Page into the File Manager first, so they are ready when you go to build your page. Also, the File Manager can be a bit finicky, so if your image doesn't load properly the first time, delete it and try again. I find the Basic Upload works better than the java upload when you encounter these issues. Also, clearing your cache will help as well.

7. If you are adding your own Featured Products, add the skus you want to the Featured products tool first, under Custom Content >> Featured Products & Slider. The "token" for Featured Products is [% featured %]. You just need to paste this right into the editor, not the HTML section. Refer to the Customization Guide under Resources for more tokens and how to use them.

8. Use the Customization Guide to help you learn all the different tools we have available and how to use them, under Resources.

9. You can view HTML source for a page in Firefox & Google Chrome browsers by left clicking the page and choosing "View Page Source". To view CSS styling for certain elements left click the element and choose "Inspect Element".

10. Add CSS styling to the CSS Override under Colors & CSS.

11. Remember content is king. So while you may want to copy parts of pages for styling purposes, it is best to write your own original content for SEO purposes, such as reviews, descriptions, how-to guides, etc...

That's it. Hope you find this tutorial useful while creating your own custom pages.

Domina Doll
Web Design & Marketing SuperHero BadAss
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