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Old 08-25-2011, 09:23 AM
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Default Data Feed Usage Agreement

Hello All,

For the information of all that haven't noticed the RSS feed when logging into SexToyClub or the Announcement about the new changes @ SexToyClub:

There is a new Data Feed Usage Agreement that all must sign and send back to STC either through the Fax number or directly through your account. While you're there, download and sign the Credit Card Authorization form too.

NOTE: About the new data feed links, each link has your own personal Access Key. These links should never be made available to the general public and you're required to maintain strict control of it. Access Key's that are made public and are abused will be blocked from any access to our data feeds.

The data feed links all have the same pattern:


You do not need to provide access to your SexToyClub account to Developers of your web site or for software that requires a download link to the data feeds.

You can always get the full link of the data feed you wish to use by logging into SexToyClub yourself and clicking the Data Feed button at the top.

1. Right click the data feed you wish to use.
2. For IE (Copy Shortcut), for FF (Copy Link Location), for Google chrome(Copy Link Address).
3. The full link will now be in your Clipboard, you can send the link to your web developers for them to download the data feed directly or you can paste it into Notepad and copy just the Access Key in the link for any software that requires the Key to download the data feed. For example (STCtoCart).
Best Regards,
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