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Old 09-25-2017, 10:32 AM
deanmoney deanmoney is offline
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DominaDoll any chance you can comment on the six suggestions I made on post number 14? Thanks a lot for your time.
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Old 09-27-2017, 08:28 AM
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Hi Deanmoney,

These are all good suggestions and I will add them to our list.
This year we have all the projects that we can do, which are all big ones, so we won't be able to get to these ones until we meet again next year.

See extra comments below...


I'm disappointed to hear that wish lists have been discontinued. With the rise of cam sites, I thought using models to sign up and promote their wish list on their pages was a great idea to bring in traffic and create brand awareness for our sites. It just needed a better layout.

-We had the biggest cam site online using our Wishlists and they agreed the hassles was not worth the little bit of $$ it brought in.

Anyway if you guys have another meeting these are some issues I have that I hope you guys can address:

1. Be able to delete created pages and also stores that you no longer want.

-Yes, this is on the list of improvements, when we update the Affiliate Admin.

2. Make it possible to change the store code. I setup my first non-domain site when opened without knowing that I wouldn't be able to unlock it/change it to my main site in the future.

-Not sure what you mean here. Your code is only an internal way for us and you to identify your store. The domain can be anything, if you use your own custom domain.

3. For email signups, it would be great to have our banner show up on the top of each email that goes out instead of our "Website Name". Or give the option to pick.

-I'll add this to our list of requests.

4. Maybe have an option to turn off all "Out Of Stock" items so when people click a category they no longer see them on the bottom. This will make some uniqueness which could help in rankings.

-The reason we keep OOS products live is so people can get notified of when the product is back in stock.

5. Bring back the option to "lock domain name to affiliate code". This was my code showing up in the link structure of my URL. This seems to have disappeared when you guys moved to

-There is not need to do this on AS as the domain is already locked. Again, you are confusing the code with your store. It is only for internal purposes. Your domain is what you want to brand, not your code. Your code could be anything like 6579. It doesn't matter.

6. Bring back the "Show Themes" option. This was where you guys would occasionally use imagery around holidays to make the homepage stand out more. I thought it gave an overall more fun feel to the homepage.

-We add a slim banner to the top of the sites during sales. I can ask that they change out the banners in the slider for Holidays & Valentines? Other than that, most people have their own top banner, so we can't change those out.

I see that more updates are coming soon which is great! Any chance they will be here this month? Thanks again.

Extra: Something else I just thought of that would be very cool is when we make a new page it always stands out without the standard left sidebar. How about when we populate that page when adding a "Product List" it takes those attributes from all the products listed and then makes a unique sidebar on the left side just like every other page. Just an idea.

-Interested idea. Will add it to our list.
Domina Doll
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