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Old 04-11-2019, 01:39 AM
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Default Marketing Help

I have an Adult toy store website called I am having terrible luck getting anyone to go to the site and buy from me at all. It's as though people are afraid of sex. I have been looking at all the resources that were posted before on here, but many of the links are out of date.

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how I can improve my results.

So far I've only had two people who really seemed interested in the website and the products that are on it. I had one woman who was interested in lingerie, but she couldn't find her bra size. She was a 36 DDD and was looking for lingerie that would fit that size.

I also had a group of women that seemed interested in the site. I picked up a group of girls while driving for Lyft and during the drive we started talking about the website. One of the girls asked me for the URL. I gave it to her and she went to the site and then started asking me all kinds of questions relating to the products.

I don't know anything about the products themselves or about women's clothe's. I'm a man. All that I know is how to to get a woman out of her clothes and into bed. I'm trying to make this website work and make money from it. That is why I signed up for it in the first place.

At the moment I just don't know where to advertise at or how I can do things better so that I can attract potential customers to the website and buy from me.

I find it funny. We we are supposed to live in a sex crazed society, yet no one seems to really be going to my website and buying from me. I've had this website since 2012, but have yet to make any sales from the website.
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Old 04-11-2019, 04:05 AM
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Hello rdonovan1,

I checked out your website and it is pretty basic. It doesn't really inspire anyone to make a purchase or differentiate itself from anyone else's in the industry right now. To market your site, you need to have a vision, a niche, and know the potential client you are serving... Your ideal customer. Who are they? Female/male/gay/straight/20s/50s? What do they like? Are they vanilla, or kinky?

In order to have a successful business you need to stand out from the other doves like a peacock

So, once you figure out your niche, then you need to find out where your market hangs out and attract them to the site. People are not just going to find the site on their own. So, you need to come up with a marketing plan and market the site. That means investing $$ in it in Ads, content marketing, etc...

If you'd like some help I am a sex toy web designer & online marketing strategist for sex toy shops.

You can see my services here:
Feel free to contact me for a free consultation about your biz.

Domina Doll
Web Design & Marketing SuperHero BadAss
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