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Old 06-28-2015, 11:31 AM
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Default STCtoCart 3.0

Hello All,

Announcing the new and improved STCtoCart 3.0! Designed for the latest Zen Cart and osCommerce shopping carts. Completely rewritten for PHP 5.5 and future compatibility. Increased security using PDO MySQL functions.

Base Bronze Features:
  1. Responsive design for all mobile devices.

  2. Direct links to Cart Front End, Cart Back Office, SexToyClub, FAQ Tutorials.

  3. Easy upgrade / downgrade between Bronze, Silver or Gold versions, plus easy upgrade from STCtoCart 2.0 to STCtoCart 3.0. The new install system will even transfer your previous settings.

  4. Add category images.

  5. Change Category Names to be unique.

  6. Choose either MC or ELD vendors.

  7. Add products and descriptions.

  8. Add 1 product image per product.

  9. Adjust product prices based on percentage or flat rate.

  10. MAP prices take precedence for any product price adjustment that doesn't meet the product MAP.

  11. Choose data feed penny prices or round up to nearest .49 / .99 cents. Products below $5.00 are round up to .19, .39, .59, .79, .99 depending on which is closest.

  12. Remove whole categories or individual products.

  13. Allow or disallow PayPal restricted products.

  14. Enable or disable Gift Certificates. (osCommerce requires plugin)

  15. Show or Hide out of stock products.

  16. Strip or show product description html content from data feeds.

  17. Select a random number of Featured Products. (osCommerce requires plugin)

  18. Niche Option: Add your own niche products and the software will disable automatic features that could affect your limited product listings. All other features will work as normal. NOTE: The products you manually add must be from the vendor feed used by STCtoCart, this way the other features can use the main feed to operate. e.g. update / change prices, send orders to STC, etc..

  19. Send orders to SexToyClub for processing using their Order API System.

  20. The above can be automated for those selling to U.S. residents by applying for a free SmartyStreets account which allows for U.S. address verification for every order. A verified U.S. address is auto sent to SexToyClub for processing, an address that is unverifiable or from an International customer must be verified manually. Minor U.S. address problems are auto fixed and sent to SexToyClub with the most deliverable address changes. eg. 5 digit zip code changed to USPS 5 + 4 zip code.

  21. Check status of an order at SexToyClub, if a tracking number is available the software will adjust the order status and send an email to the customer with the tracking number included. Just click a link to check the status of an order at STC.

  22. Set Specials for 16 holiday's for a year in advance, Black Friday and Cyber Monday included.

  23. Set Special for the day. Random number of products selected based on percentage off and within a price range or without a price range. Holiday Specials take precedence over the Special for the Day.

  24. Pick your own dates to run a Special. Set the dates, add a percentage and a list of products. This option takes precedence over all other Special options.

Silver Features, all of the above plus the following:
  1. Add 1 additional image if product has any.

  2. Add 5 attributes per product if available. Attributes added are the following:

    • Length
    • Insertable Length
    • Width
    • Inner Diameter
    • Quantity (Fluid)

Gold Features, all of the above plus the following:
  1. Add all product images available.

  2. Add all attributes per product if available. For list of all attributes see comparison chart at:

  3. Show related products based on color, size, etc... Requires specific shopping cart plugin.

  4. Add product video to product description if one is available, allows you to adjust video width based on your template requirements. Height is auto adjusted to get a 16:9 ratio for each video.

Those customers that have already purchased STCtoCart 2.0 in the past 6 months will be sent a coupon code to upgrade to STCtoCart 3.0 for free. If you don't get an email notice and you believe you deserve the free upgrade, please contact me.

Other previous customers of my software can contact me to get a 50% discount coupon for STCtoCart 3.0.

The software is available for order at:

A free 5 day Bronze demo is also available above for anyone to download and test on their servers.

Software server requirements and other FAQ's can be found at:
Best Regards,
Turnkey SexToySites
Software: STCtoAZ, STCtoCart, STCtoPresta, STCtoOC, WCtoSTC
View testimonials:

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