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Old 10-18-2011, 09:47 AM
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Default Getting Started with Sex Toy Club

Whether you are a new Sex Toy Club member or an existing Sex Toy Club member we require business documentation. Please view the requested documents below.
  • We request proof of business; a copy of your business/reseller's certificate and a copy of your Tax ID certificate. Please fax to 425-988-0269 or upload to your account.
  • All California residents are required to provide us with a copy of a California Resale Certificate. It can be downloaded here: Our vendor name is Convergence, Inc. After you complete the form please fax it to 425-988-0269 or upload to your account.
  • We require a signed Data Feed Usage Agreement. After completion, please fax it to 425-988-0269 or if you prefer to create / have a digital signature, you can directly upload to your account after completion. Download Data Feed Usage Agreement
  • You may fund your account via PayPal, bank wire transfer or check/money order.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We require Bank Wire Transfers for all international bulk wholesale orders.
  • For US businesses shipping to US locations: You may order by verified Credit Card.
  • You may add credit cards to your wallet by going here.
  • All members are required to complete a signed credit card authorization form, to send a photocopy of the credit card (front and back), a copy of a valid photo ID (front and back) and a list of authorized users with a copy of their valid photo ID.
  • After completion, please fax it to 425-988-0269 or upload in the Files tab of your account. We require a successful verification of each credit card submitted. This form also needs to name all authorized users who are permitted to submit orders against the Credit Cards that you wish to post in your Wallet Please Download Credit Card Authorization Form complete form, then upload to your account or you may fax it to 425-988-0269.
  • Please be aware that any change to a credit card and/or an authorized user of the member account will require the completion of a “NEW” Credit Card Authorization Form
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