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Old 06-12-2015, 05:11 AM
LABE LABE is offline
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Default Links and changing category names

I posted this as a comment on the adultshopping blog, but figured I'd post it here for those that don't read the blog (which you should - great info!).

The category editing tools give us great ways to personalize our sites, but if you change the category name, be careful of how you create links to that category. If you include the name in the links, then change it later, it will break the link.

Best way to do a link I’ve found is to just use “” using the category number (###) and NOT the category name - I do not think the category number will ever change (?). Link still works but now you can rename the categories at will without having to worry about going back to fix things if you decide to rename a category later on. I found this out the hard way lol.

The only problem about this is you may not get as much link juice out of them for seo purposes since you are removing the seo keywords from the link - but you can get around that by using good anchor text with keywords for the link text.
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Old 06-14-2015, 05:40 AM
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Thanks LABE for checking out this feature and your comments.

Did you try this: “" ?

I tried it on a few sites without actually changing the name in the admin and as long as I had the category # id in there, it went to the correct category...

Just wondering if that is a fix...

Domina Doll
Web Design & Marketing SuperHero BadAss
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Old 06-15-2015, 09:10 AM
LABE LABE is offline
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Florida
Posts: 242

I hadn't tried that way, no. Not sure how it is set up - perhaps forwarding it auto applied when the name changes?

Just to be on the safe side though, I'm been using what I posted with just the category/xxx/ I am working on a lot of articles that will have internal links to categories so do not want to have to go back thru everything again.
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